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30 June 2015

We were photographing the turtles at Stow Lake this weekend. There were a lot of them. Some on the rocks, many more with just their heads popping out of the murky water. And they are perfect models, barely moving to breathe.

Lilies. Shot at f5.6, 1/800 second and ISO 200.

When we looked up, our gaze floated over to these Calla lilies. We found the composition charming, framed it and took a few shots. This was the last. It avoided a tall tree trunk interrupting the frame on the left.

We weren't discouraged by the browning flowers. Even while we edited this image, the decay seemed to be no more than the fading away of the darker notes of a song we've heard many times.

We were surprised to learn the life span of a small butterfly may only be a week, a large one just a month. Short lives, as the author Lisa Genova wrote in her novel Still Alice, can be beautiful.

Even at the end.


Lovely shot. I have always had a taste for slightly more extreme take on decay.

-- Ken Cameron

Beautiful indeed! -- Mike

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