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1 July 2015

All 75 stories in Volume 4 Number 6 of Photo Corners have been cleverly curated into a tidy table of contents. To get back to the listing from any story, just click on the "archive" button at the top of the story.

The June editorial balance included 14 Features, 33 commented news items, 23 Editor's Notes (including at least 83 items of interest in our Around the Horn articles), three reviews and two Site Notes. Which is about what we've been doing for a while now.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was one we almost didn't write. But we were so impressed with the Phase One XF that we cleared our desk to spill the beans. Even now we have fond memories of our afternoon spent with that well-designed tool.

The Polaris Karat news item generated quite a bit of interest, too. That's good news because a review unit just arrived and as soon as our Eneloops are charged, we're putting it to work. Watch for the review soon.

Our most popular story was one we almost didn't write.

Our Saturday Matinees continue to score well -- and evenly. There really aren't any favorites. Each one is viewed as much as the others, although the newer ones take a while to catch up with the older ones.

Our Around The Horn pieces are popular, too, although here chronological order isn't as important as it is for the Matinees.

But we're cutting it fine here. Most stories are read by most readers. The only stories that don't have quite as many readers are the very newest ones at the end of the month.

READERSHIP has remained constant, as far as we can tell, although we are making new friends with stories like the Phase One XF review and our troubleshooting articles like New Wrinkles In An Old Friend. But again this month, our ISP recorded no statistics for while, in this case two days, making it hard to say precisely what the totals are.

SITE TWEAKS included another feature you haven't seen her, our Live Blog mode. It wasn't much work, actually. Just another template, some CSS styles and a little Perl code. Too bad nothing earth shattering is going on because we really like the way it looks.

Live blogging opportunities, particularly on this beat, don't come around often. The last time we live blogged was Adobe's Creative Cloud launch and the software we used (a plug-in for Expression Engine) kept us jumping out of our seat.

We wrote about our little last updated time tweak just to give you a sense of how much thought goes into the littlest detail around here. And how much fund that kind of thinking can be.

Lastly, we applied for and were accepted as an Apple News channel. When iOS 9 ships with the new News app, you'll be able to read our daily contributions to the culture at the Photo Corners channel. That link works only on an iOS device running iOS 9.

We hope to experiment with the Apple's new format when Apple publishes the specs. The Photo mosaic feature looks particularly promising from a publisher's point of view.

That about covers it. Now back to work....

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