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1 July 2015

Olloclip announced a Kickstarter project for Studio, its integrated mobile photography system with "a new case and line of accessories that not only provide a specific function, but whose design is systemic to the creative process itself."

Olloclip Studio. An integrated mobile photography system.

The new, more protective case design incorporates an integrated mounting solution for a handful of accessories, including a finger grip, kickstand, 1/4-20 mounts and cold shoe adapters.

While the Studio system itself does not include any lenses, various reward tiers of the Kickstarter project do. Pledges start at $35 for a case and kickstand (estimated value of $49.99) with the full kit for $60 ($89.99) and bundled lens offerings starting at $110 ($169.98).

For more information visit the Kickstarter project for Studio.

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