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6 July 2015

We approached this vehicle from the other side, distracted by the decorations, some of which were dripping away forever. We suspected the other side would be the better side. Not only would it be the bride's side but it would show the tailgate as well.

Detour. Nikon D200 with an f2.8 35mm Nikkor fitted with a polarizer.

We weren't disappointed. In fact, the bride's side had a big "Just Married" sign on it. And the tailgate had not been neglected.

So we lined up the shot with our 35mm prime lens, backing up into a hedge to get the whole car. The hedge didn't bother us, but what was that orange sign in the middle of the street?

Ah, a detour.

The groom's side of the car had announced they were on their way to Hawaii for the honeymoon. And since it was already Monday, we had to assume they were well on their way, the car left behind.

So the sign was probably not an impediment for them.

But, you know, life is full of detours. So we kept the sign in the shot and fired the shutter.

Good luck (and ask directions)!

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