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14 July 2015

In a Pixelmator blog entry today, the company announced it has updated Pixelmator for iOS with a clever automatic brush resizing algorithm for all Retouch tools and the addition of its desktop Repair tool to the iOS version.

Dynamic Touch, as Pixelmator calls it, measures the surface area that your finger occupies on the screen during a retouching stroke and dynamically adjusts the brush size "when the surface area changes." So you can make thin or thick lines simply by changing how hard you press on the screen.

The other significant enhancement in the update is that Pixelmator for Mac's repairing algorithm has been ported to the iOS version. You can remove objects from photos with the same elegance as on the Mac version. The Repair tool is also five times faster in this version.

The release notes for Pixelmator for iOS 2.0.2 notes other improvements and bug fixes. For more information see the text of the blog posting below.

Pixelmator for iOS Gets an Update

We're back with more great news.

But before jumping in, we want to thank all of you for your feedback about Pixelmator for iPhone and for sharing your stunning artwork with us. It is absolutely amazing to be able to create something that you enjoy and it's just as awesome to see how creative people get when they have the right tools.

So, thanks for sharing!

Today, we're bringing some great new enhancements to Pixelmator for iOS.

Dynamic Touch

First off, we've enhanced all Retouch tools with a cool new feature, which we call Dynamic Touch.

When you touch the screen with your finger, Dynamic Touch detects the finger surface area in contact with the screen and automatically adjusts the brush size when the surface area changes.

It's really simple to use -- touch the screen with the tip of your finger to create thin strokes and use a larger finger surface area for thicker lines. This makes retouching images way faster and more precise.

Repair Tool

Next, do you remember the jaw-dropping, advanced repairing algorithm we recently introduced to Pixelmator for Mac? Well, we're bringing the same repairing magic to Pixelmator for iOS. This means that now you can use your iPad and iPhone to remove objects from your photos, unbelievably fast and with exactly the same quality you get on your Mac. How good is that?

Pixelmator for iOS 2.0.2 also includes other great enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. You can learn about them here.

Learning resources

But that's not all! We're also introducing two great new ways to learn about Pixelmator for iOS features and how to use them.

Learn everything there is to know with the new, complete User Guide or go ahead and watch short, inspiring Pixelmator for iPhone tutorials.

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