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16 July 2015

Anthropics Technology has released PortraitPro 12.5 with Raw file support for the newest cameras, as well as the Arabic and Swedish language options. Existing version 12 customers can get the update free of charge.

PortraitPro. Quick and easy face, skin, hair touch-up.

Available in three editions, the intelligent portrait retouching software features relighting technology as well as face, skin and hair touch-up, all of it easy to apply quickly. A trial version is available for download.

For more information see the news release below.

PortraitPro 12.5 Launched

PortraitPro v 12.5 Fast, Easy Retouching Software Supports the Newest Camera Raw files, Arabic and Swedish languages

LONDON -- Anthropics Technology has announced a PortraitPro 12.5 software update. Version 12.5 of this award-winning fast and easy portrait retouching software includes the most advanced camera Raw support, as well as the Arabic and Swedish language options. Existing version 12 customers can get the update free of charge.

The latest release of the world's favorite portrait retouching software PortraitPro makes it more accessible to the Swedish and Arabic speaking customers and extends the Raw file support for the newest cameras.

PortraitPro (formerly Portrait Professional) is the world's first intelligent and easy-to-use portrait retouching software. Its "after the fact" face relighting technology ensures truly natural enhancement. PortraitPro is designed to reduce face or hair retouching time to seconds. It requires no training and even beginners can create a professional portrait touch-up effortlessly.


PortraitPro 12 (standalone) -- offers all of PortraitPro's sophisticated face, skin and hair touch-up and relighting facilities, but does not include Raw file or plug-in support. This edition is for amateur photographers working with JPEG or 24-bit TIFF files.

PortraitPro Studio 12 (standalone/plug-in) -- for amateur or professional photographers who wish to work directly with camera Raw files, want the higher quality of 48-bit colors or need to integrate the software with Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to speed workflow.

PortraitPro Studio Max 12 (standalone/plug-in) -- offers all the features of Studio, plus a batch mode and the greatest automation. This edition is for those who need the highest quality enhancements to be automatically applied to large batches of photographs while retaining total creative control. Aimed at professional photographers or those working with lots of images.

Free trial

PortraitPro 12 can be downloaded as a free trial in any available languages from Click the icon at the bottom of the page to download it in the desired language. Alternatively, for PortraitPro Swedish language software free trial, visit: For PortraitPro in Arabic, visit:

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