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27 July 2015

According to our unofficial count, there are more people in town this summer than usual. That's good news if they don't take showers. Otherwise it makes the drought a little scarier. But we're happy to see you, whether you bathe or not.

There is probably not a more convivial place on the planet than Twin Peaks, although we're sure many are its equal. Visitors exclaiming at the view in every language hand their cameras or phones to complete strangers to take their picture. And often the favor is returned immediately.

Beauty has that affect on people.

So there's a little of the Pied Piper and a little of Iwo Jima about our photo of the crowd atop the north peak, Eureka Peak (the southern peak is called Noe Peak). There's the irresistable call of the 360-degree view of the East Bay, downtown, the North bay, San Jose and the Pacific Ocean. But there's that trudge of the hill to see it.

This is not a panorama. It's just a peculiar crop we've resized to 300 pixels deep. We like the crop but we don't at all mind the original which featured more sky. But that version minimizes the people. And the people are the story.

Mount Davidson is taller, yes. And has a view all its own, too. But it's more a neighborhood hangout. Couples from the surrounding streets, dog walkers, the odd photographer or two looking for exotic birds.

Twin Peaks is where the world gathers to take a look at itself. And everyone is smiling.

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