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28 July 2015

Glow has added two softboxes to its lineup, the 24x34-inch rectangular QuadraPop and the 38-inch circular ParaPop. Both are available with speedrings for five popular types of speedlights, monolights and studio strobe heads.

Glow Softboxes. QuadraPop (l) and ParaPop (not to scale).

Featuring a streamlined look, both models include Glow's pop mechanism to pop them open and quickly collapse them with a two-button release. We discussed the mechanism in our review of the Glow Hexapop.


The $199.95 QuadraPop and the $249.95 ParaPop are both available online now at Adorama. Introductory prices are $160 for the QuadraPop and $219.95 for the ParaPop.

For more information see the news release below.

Glow Adds QuadraPop and ParaPop 38" Portable Softboxes to Light Modifier Line for More Flawless Hard Light Diffusion

Designed for fashion, portrait and beauty photography, the Glow QuadraPop and ParaPop are the perfect light-diffusing portable softboxes for speedlights, studio lights and large portable strobes; available now, exclusively at Adorama

NEW YORK -- Glow, the award-winning brand of high quality lighting modifiers for professional photography and video production, has just announced two new additions to its softbox collection -- the Glow QuadraPop 24x34" and the Glow ParaPop 38" Portable Softboxes. The perfect solutions for speedlights, studio lights and large portable strobes, Glow's latest models feature excellent softbox quality, marrying a sleek look with superior, innovative design for the "pop" of innovation needed in every imaging scenario.

Both models are available with speedrings for five popular types of speedlights, monolights and studio strobe heads. The interchangeable speedrings align either light modifier with virtually every brand, allowing creative imagemakers the flexibility and value of using their modifier of choice with any type of lighting and/or brand in their gear kit, simply by changing out the speedring. Because of their durable, easy-to-use and lightweight frames, both the Glow QuadraPop and ParaPop are perfect for mobile portraits and travel photography and videography in addition to studio work. They are ideal for imaging enthusiasts of all levels, from novice to professional.

Made primarily in Korea, the Glow line is getting noticed by customers from all over for its high quality and variety of offerings. Photographer Wally Kilburg, of The Studio at 46 West, based just outside of Chicago, commented, "Glow products are engineered to compliment other vendors' products, as in my use of Glow softbox grids. Softbox grids often cost more than the modifier they are used on, so it's pure joy to find the Glow grids work on the standard sizes listed -- and at a way low price! Well-made, priced right and they work as good as you can find. Pretty much the same can be said of any Glow products I have used."

"We love the Glow products, especially in studio and on location, for their affordable pricing, great build, quality and beautiful lighting effects," adds Daniel Marcion of Belle Portwe Photography, a premier fashion, commercial and wedding photography studio located on the island of Saint Lucia. "I can recommend The Glow Line to anyone interested in great quality light modifiers. They have a variety of products that meet our needs and we plan to continue using them in our studio."

The QuadraPop 24x34" and ParaPop 38" Portable Softboxes are now available online at and at the Adorama superstore, located at 42 West 18th Street in New York City.

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