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28 July 2015

We noticed on the menu bar that we had a few Creative Cloud updates pending. But when we clicked on the Creative Cloud icon there, instead of a list of the updates, we got a black screen telling us there was no Internet connection.

You have the option to try again or work offline. Trying again didn't help. And you can't update offline.


We did have an Internet connection, which will surprise no one who has had this problem themselves.

And we did not have a firewall issue. In fact, we've been making the connection with no trouble at all since the Creative Cloud opened for business. Until today.

The Adobe forums have a lot of advice on this. And Adobe Help has an entry on it, too.

Following the links in that entry confirmed that we could access Adobe's servers. It also notes that while Creative Cloud checks in to Adobe serves once a day to verify account status, confirmation refreshes status to run for at least 99 days offline. In fact:

Signing out and signing back in (while online) just before going offline for a long period ensures that the software works for at least 99 days without needing to connect.

Nice to know if we ever take a vacation.


But we were never going to take a vacation at this rate. Nothing resolved the problem. In fact, according to the Help entry, there was no problem.

There was a problem, though. And since the Creative Cloud application was the one complaining, we tried to Quit and restart. But it wouldn't quit.

So we accessed the Creative Cloud from our browser, logged into our account and downloaded the Creative Cloud application.

When we tried to install it, it complained that another version was already running. So we launched Activity Monitor and killed anything that said Creative Cloud. We even Force Quit the installer and relaunched it.

It then downloaded the Creative Cloud application. Which took a while.

But when it launched, all was well. Our updates started downloading and we lived to tell about it.

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