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29 July 2015

Rocky Nook has published Scott Kelby's How Do I Do That In Lightroom?. The subtitle promises to answer with "The Quickest Ways to Do the Things You Want to Do, Right Now!"

Lightroom's power and depth hardly fits on a monitor let alone a smartphone screen (where it also plays well). So it (probably) isn't you when you can't find what you need to do something.

But Scott Kelby is here to help, as usual. He's packed the book with techniques, shortcuts and recipes of settings so you can get on with it.

When you need to know how to do something, you open the appropriate chapter (Print, Slideshow, Organizing, Importing, etc.), to find what you need to do. Each page covers just one single topic. Kelby tells you "exactly how to do it just like he was sitting there beside you, using the same casual style as if he were telling a friend," according to the publisher.

So this won't satisfy the student who wants to know why you should do something but it will tell you which button to push to save your scalp.

The title isn't available in print at the moment, but can be ordered from as a $23.99 Kindle or $29.95 paperback, as well as Rocky Nook, where with the code LIGHTROOMKELBY the ebook can be had for just $15.

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