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3 August 2015

Phase One has announced it will hold four free webinars in August covering several features of Capture One Pro 8, the company's image editing software, including optimizing your workflow and migrating from Lightroom.

David Grover. Webinar host.

  • An Easy Start-to-Finish Workflow will teach you how to get from A to B using a simple workflow consisting of Import, Adjust, Copy, Apply and Export.
  • Lightroom to Capture One Pro with Bob DeLellis, who recently guest wrote a Phase One blog entry about the steps he took to easily transition from Lightroom to Capture One. In this Webinar, DeLellis will describe his custom workspace, shortcuts and knowledge to make your life easier.
  • Top Tips for Color With the Capture One Toolkit explores color in digital imaging and how we can control it.
  • The Power of Black and White with Capture One with Richard Boutwell discusses the merits of Capture One's built-in Black and White tool, including its film grain emulation. Boutwell will demonstrate his techniques in Capture One and Photoshop, finishing with output for a standard color printer or dedicated black and white printer.

Registration is required for each webinar and virtual seating is limited.

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