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11 August 2015

Sometimes the rain (or what will pass for it in a drought) makes a filter of the window, softly blurring the familiar scene. But we can still recognize the steeple at top of the hill, the road winding toward it, the neighbors' houses lining the road.

This morning, we were reading Jane Hirshfield's Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World when we stopped a second to look out the window and saw a rain filter. We immediately transformed our iPhone from a book into a camera and took the shot above.

She was writing about poetry but the lesson, we realized as we looked through the window at the blurry scene, applies to art in general.

When she writes that "good description in poetry is never purely description, it is a portrait of a state of being," you can hear Ansel Adams explaining his Yosemite images are not what he saw but what he felt.

Or when she says, "Every good work of art holds something that was not quite knowable before its own existence," you have no more to do than remember last Saturday's matinee with Lois Greenfield and her invisible 1/2000 second images of dancers.

Photographers, too, transform the world. It isn't all just f16 and sunshine.

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