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17 August 2015

Eyefi has announced it will join Tiggertrap in hosting Tools and Techniques for Travel Photography, a free 60-minute webinar with Scott Wyden Kivowitz.

Kivowitz will cover what you need for shooting outdoors, with a deep dive into how to achieve certain techniques with Scott's favorite gear. After the 60 minute presentation there will be a 30 minute Q&A session with Scott.

The webinar will be held on Sept. 9 at 9 a.m. PDT and requires registration:


Kivowitz describes himself as a "blogger, a photographer and an educator from New Jersey. I am also the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati and NextGEN Gallery, a company making WordPress themes and plug-ins for photographers."

For more information see the news release below.

Webinar: Tools and Techniques for Travel Photography with Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Capturing the essence of a place in photography is a great skill, but not an unattainable one. Practice and experience are as important as your camera gear. Luckily Scott Wyden has both the knowledge and the toolkit needed to tell the stories behind some of his favourite places on the planet. The photography gear needed for travel photography usually includes equipment unfamiliar to beginners, with unusual techniques and an awful lot of forward planning into the bargain. One of the greatest challenges when starting out is building up an arsenal of flexible and easy -to-carry tools. That said, you may be pleasantly surprised at the affordable and clever options available today.

If you've found your next photo location and want to know how to get reliable and interesting results, this talk is for you. Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a blogger, educator and photographer with a passion for travel photography who has spent years trying and testing the best tools around for stunning images of locations.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 9 a.m. PDT, Eyefi and Triggertrap are honored to present an interactive webinar hosted by Scott Wyden Kivowitz. The 60 minute event will cover all the tools you might need for shooting out in the elements, with an in-depth look at how to achieve certain techniques with Scott's favorite gear. After the 60 minute presentation there will be a 30 minute Q&A session where Scott will answer your related questions, aiming to equip each listener with plenty of details to help them get started in travel photography.

About Kivowitz

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Community & Blog Wrangler at Photocrati & NextGEN Gallery, a blogger, photographer and educator. Scott is also the author of Time Is On Your Side: Exploring Long Exposure Photography, Go Wider with Panoramic Photography and Ambivert's Guide to Street Photography. Scott considered himself an everyday photographer rather than narrowing his scope of photography style down to only portraits and landscape. Being an everyday photographer means he photographs whatever sparks his interest.

This webinar will be a very special one-time event. The event is free; however, space is limited, so sign up to reserve your space. A recording will be made available two weeks following the webinar for those who cannot attend.

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