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26 August 2015 has published Tips and Tricks for Google Photos with Google Photos product manager John Nack. It's half an hour split into digestible chapters, one of which is free (and a free trial will let you consume the others, too).

The course demonstrates "how to manage photo storage, make creative photo edits, work with suggestions from the Assistant, search your library and share photos securely with friends and family with Google Photos," according to its posted description.


An outline of the full Tips and Tricks for Google Photos video course follows:

Introduction (29s)

  • Welcome (29s) (free)

Getting Started (16m 21s)

  • Understanding storage and compression options in Google Photos (1m 59s)
  • Integrating Google Photos (2m 50s)
  • Understanding the three views (Assistant, Photos, and Collections) (2m 48s)
  • Understanding the role of Assistant (2m 1s)
  • File management with drag-selecting and the trash view (2m 4s)
  • Handy search techniques for Google Photos (4m 39s)

Sharing (13m 7s)

  • How to share images via Google Photos vs. email, social networks, etc. (2m 38s)
  • Adjusting color casts and how Vignette responds to the presence of faces (4m 19s)
  • Becoming familiar with the Assistant and how the doorstep model works (3m 32s)
  • Tips on how to reliably get a movie (2m 38s)
  • Conclusion (18s)
  • Next steps (18s)


A basic month-to-month subscription to is $24.99 a month with a Basic annual option of $19.99 a month. The Premium options, which add project files and, for the annual option, offline viewing are $34.99 and $29.99.

In addition to the free 10-day trial, LinkedIn, which now owns, occasionally offers a 30-day trial to its members.

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