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31 August 2015

Phase One has announced it will hold five free webinars in September covering several features of Capture One Pro 8, the company's image editing software, including a two-part introduction to the software.

  • Creative Control with Local Adjustments. Local Adjustments can be used to locally adjust areas of images with a variety of different tools and even for basic retouching, adding an extra dimension to Raw image adjustment and saving additional steps in Photoshop. Sept. 2
  • Creating and Using Styles and Presets. A Preset is simply a setting for one particular tool, whereas a Style is a collection of various adjustments. You can use these to create your own unique looks in Capture One, building looks from the Color Balance Tool, Colour Editor, Curves and more. Sept. 9
  • The World Outside Capture One. Capture One has a handy round trip feature to Photoshop, but what about other services? Process Recipes in Capture One allow processing multiple images to multiple destinations. Using cloud services like Dropbox and automation services like, the possibilities are endless. Sept. 16
  • Capture One for Beginners. In a longer webinar than usual webinar (90 minutes), this is targeted to beginners and those new to Capture One. A very simple overview of workflow from start to finish will include Getting images into Capture One, Basic Processing and then Export. The difference between Catalogs and Sessions will also be explored. The following week will concentrate more on processing technique with a selection of differing images. Sept. 23
  • Five Images, Five Processes. Continuing from the previous week, the discussion will go into more detail about Raw processing and the tools available in Capture One. This will be a good way to see what to use and when and to the best effect. Sept. 30

Registration is required for each webinar and virtual seating is limited.

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