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3 September 2015

It's the largest copper-clad building in the world. The De Young Museum's "thousands of copper sheets were embossed and perforated with individual patterns so that the modern architecture would blend into the natural surroundings of the park landscape," according to KME, the German firm that manufactured them.

North Facade, De Young Museum. Optical effect of diminishing sized holes.

The ferns along the north facade must have been, in comparison, an afterthought. But as they danced in the wind this afternoon, they seemed to beg us to take their picture.

So we did.

The trouble began back at the ranch (well, the bunker) when we tried to turn the Raw file into an image.

Exposure was fine and we tweaked it to our liking (which never gets old), bringing out the patina of the copper wall and keeping the ferns fresh.

But when we cropped it to a 16:9 aspect ratio and tried to straighten it, we got a little disoriented. You can find the edges of the copper panels and align them but then the holes are off because they vary in size and seem to recede.

It's just the sort of distraction we needed today. So we thought we'd share it before we turn off the lights.

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