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16 September 2015

With the release of Apple's iOS 9 today, Photo Corners is now available on Apple's News app. You can find us in the Photo channels, where you can read our RSS feed for the latest headlines and go straight to the story.

Photo Page. You'll find us under Channels.

Headlines. The latest stories from our RSS feed.

HTML Presentation. A familiar look (and everything works.

We haven't optimized the site for Apple News but it's always been friendly to alternate formats. So we were pleased to see something as complex as today's feature story with sliding slide shows and scrolling images worked just fine. Even our reader poll worked.

We held our breath as we tried a few other features briefly but they all behaved normally, including our Friday Slide shows.

Tapping on the headline takes you to the RSS feed description with a link to the full story, which you can access with a tap.

See you there!

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