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18 September 2015

We couldn't help ourselves. As soon as the singing was over at Opera in the Park, we packed up our picnic blanket and trudged throught the fog to the Dahlia Garden by the Conservatory of Flowers to once again photograph San Francisco's official flower.

We did this last year (and that wasn't the first time) but it was sunny. This year it was not sunny and the wind was blowing (so once in a while, we had to hold a stem steady). And we used a dSLR last year instead of the Micro Four Thirds camera we used this year.

We shot the same way, though, capturing Raw files that we converted to DNGs as we copied them to our hard drive and then worked on them in Lightroom. A little Clarity, a little Contrast, no Saturation, some Highlight and Shadow adjustment. That was it.

The same, as they say, but different. And the big difference wasn't the weather or the camera but the dahlias. We keep going back to them because despite their familiar forms, they put on such as dramatic show every year.

If anything can upstage a diva, it's a Dahlia.

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