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21 September 2015

It was a scortching weekend, the walls still radiating heat last night. We opened the windows this morning to let the morning air in and started preparing for an early visit from a contractor with our Internet Service Provider.

Two years ago we wrote about The Fiber Optic Game when we received "an ominous notice from AT&T the other day titled 'Important Changes Are Coming to your AT&T Internet Service.'"

We passed on that offer because we would have had to subscribe to AT&T's U-verse service, leaving Sonic, the ISP which also hosts this site.

We'd had enough experience with AT&T's offshore call center anyway. At Sonic, you always get a tech on the line. And, in our experience, they always know more than we do.


But the other day we recieved an email from Sonic's CEO who apologized for having to raise our DSL fee. He suggested we look into a new, less-expensive service using Fiber To The Node, which Sonic calls Fusion FTTN.

Previously, Sonic had offered Fusion, a fiber Internet connection but the tech we spoke to about it just a few months ago checked our line and said we were so far away it would be slower than our DSL connection.

But with Fusion FTTN, the game changed. We would get three times our DSL speed and could cancel our landline (and long distance service).

So, you know, we went with the flow.


We did our research but aren't entirely sure how this is going to go this morning until it has gone.

So we're putting up this cool photo of Stow Lake to set the tone. And leaving you with this old Italian verse:

Disse la tinca al luzzo:
Ove ten vai, o misero?
Disse il luzzo alla tinca:
Al lago di Braguzzo.
Morale: O tinca! O luzzo!
O lago di Braguzzo!

The trout said to the salmon:
Where are you going, poor thing?
The salmon answered the trout:
To Braguzzo Lake.
Moral: O salmon, O trout,
O Braguzzo Lake!

So we go to this lago di Braguzzo this morning, hoping it's as cool as they say.

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