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16 October 2015

In Lightroom 6.2 Import Update published on the Lightroom Journal blog today, Product Manager Tom Hogarty announced that the team has decided to "restore the previous import experience."

Hogarty said that while they were still working on "details and timing," the interface would be restore "in our next dot release."

See the full text of the post below.

Lightroom 6.2 Import Update

I'd like to thank our customers for their patience while the team reviewed several options for restoring import workflows and addressing quality in Lightroom. We can now confirm that, in our next dot release, we will restore the previous import experience. We are still working on details and timing. In the meantime, if you need to restore previous import functionality prior to the next update, please refer to this document on how to roll back to Lightroom 6.1.1.

We will continue to investigate ways to improve the ease of use of our photography products and will do so via an open dialog, with both existing and new customers.

Tom Hogarty

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