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20 October 2015

Google Photos is celebrating its upcoming five-month anniversary by announcing it has over 100 million monthly active users. That's just the first of Eleven Things to Know about Google Photos product manager Chris Perry reports in his blog post.

Among the others are the most popular subjects to photograph (go ahead, guess), the most popular events (uh huh), the most popular pets (surprise, there) and things (zoom zoom), not to mention cities (that one about lights). He also reports the top searches.

More than 15 million animations and collages have been created, too. Which is just one reason Google has used 3,720-TB of disk space for this initiative.

Google's John Nack also chimed in on the successful rollout from his unique perspective as a former product manager of Adobe Photoshop:

This scale of user community is such a change for me. My work on Photoshop would reach a couple of million people, and I loved knowing that many of them would use a given enhancement dozens or even hundreds of times per day. At Google the work can reach orders of magnitude more people, but naturally the average person's use will be far more casual. Both kinds of impact can be very satisfying -- just very different.

And, as Nack points out, there's more coming.

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