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Deals: Nikon Reduces 25 Nikkor Lens Prices Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

2 November 2015

Nikon has reduced the price of 25 of its Nikkor lenses today and increased the price of one. The 18-200mm DX zoom went up $50 to $646.95 while the 18-300mm DX zoom was reduced from $896.95 to $696.95.

Thom Hogan has published a handy list of the lenses along with an analysis of some of the price drops. Among which is:

The $400 price drop on the 80-400mm is a meaningful one and perhaps reflects Nikon's worry that the new lower-priced 200-500mm might steal some of its sales. The 35mm f1.8 is getting down near the $500 mark, while the 85mm f1.8 drops below it and both are excellent lenses. Frankly, I'd tend to buy them before their f1.4 siblings, anyway and the new prices make them even more tempting. And it seems Nikon doesn't want to sell the 18-200mm DX any more, as the arguably better 18-300mm is now just $50 more (hint: if you want a superzoom on your DX body -- I don't -- get the 18-300mm).

Adorama lists them all on one page, as does B&H.

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