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4 November 2015

Adorama has reduced prices on its Flashpoint and Glow lighting accessories through the end of the year. Many (but not all) of the items include free shipping.

Here's the complete list:

Flashpoint Swivel Umbrella Holder
$14.95 + Shipping (regularly $26)

Flashpoint ZoomLioN TTL On-Camera Flash For Canon or Nikon
Includes Free $69.95 Flashpoint Commander Set
$139.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $179.95)

Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Ws Flash with Blast Power Pack
$399.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $519.95)

Flashpoint CL-1144R LED Circular Light Interview Kit
$749.97 with Free Shipping (regularly $949.97)

Flashpoint Budget Studio Flashes
Starting at $49.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $100)

Flashpoint Blast Power Pack PB-960, Propack
$169.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $269.95)

Flashpoint RoveLight 600 Ws Monolight with On Board Power (Bowens Mount)
$479.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $599.95)

Glow HexaPop Portable Softboxes
Starting at $99.95 (regularly $119.95)

Glow Beauty Dishes
15 percent off

Takama 66-inch Three-Section Video Tripod with Fluid Head
$49.95 with Free Shipping (regularly $79.95)

We've reviewed several of these products and have generally been very pleased with the intelligent design and quality of construction.

NB: Purchasing through these links helps support our efforts here. Thanks for your help.

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