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5 November 2015

The Snapseed team has announced an update for the iOS version of Google's image editing app, highlighted by a new image picker. Among the other refinements are:

  • A new image picker for much quicker access to photos
  • Editing session is preserved when switching to another app
  • Style menus in filters are opened by default
  • Filter names are displayed in the title bar
  • Tap to hide controls on main screen to see the image without distractions
  • When zoomed in, the image can be moved so that the navigator doesn't obscure any part of the image
  • Filter selector displays 3 columns in landscape orientation on iPhones
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

The new version does not add support for DNG files, as the recently released Android version. No Apple iPhone supports Raw capture, although being able to edit DNGs from other sources would be a valuable addition.

But as Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty recently tweeted, Lightroom mobile has been able to edit DNGs for a while now. On both Android and iOS.

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