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13 November 2015

Not long ago," Eora 3D explains on its Kickstarter page, "we needed a 3D scanner that was both affordable and highly-precise, but we were tired of waiting on others to build one, so we built one ourselves." With five days to go to make their $80,000 goal, the project has so far been pledged $581,704. Apparently they aren't alone.

Eora 3D. Competing with $20,000 scanners at $300 (less on Kickstarter).

Among the highlights:

  • 3D models precise to sub-100 microns
  • Resolution up to 8 million vertices
  • Feature size greater than 500 microns
  • Full color scans
  • 520nm green laser
  • Range of three feet with a capture size of three square feet
  • Free Android and iOS apps control the device from Bluetooth 4.0 smartphones
  • A 1/4"-20 UNC thread for tripod mounting

There's also an optional bluetooth turntable. Why is it optional? Eora 3D explains:

Unlike other 3D laser scanners, eora doesn't require a turntable (because the app stitches together multiple scans from various angles to create a full model). Turntables can make scanning smaller objects easier, however, so we created an optional companion wireless turntable that connects to eora via Bluetooth.

The smartphone app displays your model on its screen as you scan and lets you edit and export the scan. You can also stitch together multiple scans for larger objects.

Co-founders of the company include CEO Rahul Koduri, CTO Asfand Khan and Richard Boers, in charge of execution and strategy.

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