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Google Photos Update Manages Local Storage Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

17 November 2015

According to a post by John Nack, the latest Google's Photo update "makes it easy to reclaim space on your phone."

When you tap the option to "Free up space" in Settings, Google photos will delete any photo or video on your phone that it has already copied to the cloud. Note, though, that those copies may be compressed from your original phone data, depending on which storage option (free or paid) you are using.

As long as you have a connection to the Web, you can still see all your photos and video. Without that connection, of course, you can only see what's still on your phone.

The new feature can behave less destructively, too, merely keeping track of your phone's storage space. It will notify you when space gets low and offer to delete files that it has copied to the cloud that are older than 30 days.

The Android version is available now and the iOS version is coming soon, Nack said.

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