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23 November 2015

In a post published today by CEO Kevin Raber titled A New Change For Luminous-Landscape , Luminous Landscape announced it will launch a "new site membership program" on Nov. 30 for $12 a year. Raber explained the deal:

All of our content -- the more than 5,000 exciting articles, the dozen or so new ones published each month, and also all of our existing and future training videos (which up until now have cost $150 a year for a subscription), are all included in our new site membership program. This includes our very active discussion forum.

After joining, you can use your login and password on up to five different devices. The site also plans to make special offers available exclusively to its members. "Often just one of these discount offers will cover the cost of your annual subscription," Raber said.

Raber also made a promise to eliminate advertising:

We believe $1 a month is the lowest cost in the industry for our quality and quantity of content. If many of you agree, we will even be able to eliminate all advertising on the site. That's our goal and once we have reached 50,000 subscribers we commit to you that we will remove advertising from the site.

For more information see the original post.

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