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24 November 2015

Custom SLR has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a thin leather strap with its Quick-adjust slider technology. This is the sixth Kickstarter campaign the company has launched.

Slim Strap. Thin leather strap with Quick-adjust technology.

The Slim Strap is designed for mirrorless, Micro Four Thirds and compact cameras. It can be attached to the camera eyelets or to the company's C-Loop Mini.


Among the highlights of the design are:

Attached. On a C-Loop Mini.

  • Genuine top grain leather: on the shoulder pad, strap connectors and thumb loop.
  • Quick-adjust slider: Camera stays cinched securely at your side. To quickly snap a photo, just pull and slide.
  • Lightweight and compact: Its slim design make it a lightweight yet comfortable strap solution.
  • Versatile: Designed for mirrorless, Micro Four Thirds and compact cameras but compatible with any camera, including DSLRs.

We previously reviewed the Air Strap, which also features the company's Quick-adjust slider, which we liked very much.


Rewards for investing in the Kickstarter project start at $5 with a virtual high-five. To actually get a strap, you'll have to invest $27. And if you want a C-Loop Mini with the strap, you'll have to put up $45.

The project has 45 days to go to make its $17, 500 goal.

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