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3 December 2015

A storm passed through today but we had our nose to the grindstone, our fingertips to the chicklets, our mind on a few reviews. And our ears were busy too with another briefing. So we didn't get out until sunset.

Last Year. Canon XTi, 18-55mm at 50mm, f7.1, 1/4000 second and ISO 400.

Still we wanted to celebrate the rainfall with an image. So we dipped into the archives and found this one from almost a year ago.

You're looking south at San Bruno Mountain through a nearly leafless tree against the passing clouds.

We made a 16:9 crop of it to emphasize the flow to the right, although the wind blows everything left. And we did very little else to the DNG. A little more contrast, a little blacker blacks. Very, very little.

We shot it with the camera we usually take on our walks, a Canon Rebel XTi and we shot Raw, converting to DNG before we worked on the image in the new Photoshop (about which we'll have more to say shortly).

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