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16 December 2015

Adorama has expanded its R1 radio trigger system with two new models that support high-speed sync. The Flashpoint R1 HSS Transceivers supports both Canon and Nikon systems while the Flashpoint R1 Receiver is compatible with a wide range of lighting sources.

While the new $33 transceiver allows HSS triggering of compatible strobes, it also functions well as a flash trigger on any system with a hot shoe. With 16 channel, it can function as a receiver for light sources or focus and trigger a remote camera with an optional cable.

The new $19.95 receiver allows HSS on HSS-enabled studio strobes like the RoveLight but works with other studio lighting systems as well.

For more information see the news release below.

Flashpoint Expands R1 Radio System Line with Two New Transceivers, Exclusively from Adorama

Flashpoint R1 HSS Transceivers and Flashpoint R1 Receiver designed for HSS use with Flashpoint StreakLight, Zoom Li-on and RoveLight, as well as other strobes, available now only at Adorama

NEW YORK -- Flashpoint, a leading manufacturer of professional photography and video equipment, has announced two new additions to its award-winning Flashpoint R1 Radio System line: the Flashpoint R1 HSS Transceivers and the Flashpoint R1 Receiver. The existing R1 Radio System already has remotes designed for remote manual power control over Flashpoint StreakLight and Zoom Li-on models.

Flashpoint R1 HSS Transceiver

The new R1 HSS Transceiver is available for Canon or Nikon and allows for HSS (high-speed sync) triggering of compatible strobes, including Flashpoint StreakLight, Zoom Li-ons and RoveLight. Both can also work as a flash trigger on all standard camera hotshoes from brands like Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji. It is also a receiver for strobes and speedlights. The R1 system features 16 channels for minimal interference and industry-standard transmission range. It can also be configured to work as a camera trigger or wireless transmitter or receiver to trigger a camera remotely, with the additional feature of a half-press button for focusing before shot triggering (cable required).

Both the R1 HSS Transceivers for Canon or Nikon are available now for $33, only at Adorama.

Flashpoint R1 Receiver

The CompactFlashpoint R1 Receiver works well with all studio strobes, as well as allowing HSS on HSS-enabled studio strobes like the RoveLight. It is reliable with minimal interference, maximum range and compact size, allowing users to trigger studio monolights and pack and head systems simultaneously with StreakLights and Zoom Li-ons, without relying on other systems.

The R1 Receiver is available now for $19.95, only at Adorama.

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