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11 January 2016

We'd been walking north in the sand dunes along the Great Highway, looking out over the ocean for dramatic shots. But turning back from the bluff to the path, we noticed the homes in the Sunset district that were facing us. They seemed posed for a family portrait.

Four of a Kind. Along the Great Highway.

If you study them a minute, you'll see they are four of a kind. Family, indeed. There are a few distinguishing characteristics like the windows and paint. And two of them have been extended a story.

The paint on a few of them is a little jarring. Mexican influence, perhaps? You see that here and there.

So we tried it in black and white. But that was a like a family portrait of everyone asleep. It had to be in color.

It's late afternoon color, a bit before the Golden Hour but golden a bit anyway. The strong shadows are what make the shot.

We were shooting through a circular polarizer on a 43-86mm Nikkor on a Nikon D200 at f11, 1/90 second and ISO 100.

In Photoshop CC, we straightened the image and cropped it to a 16:9 aspect ratio (which clipped some sky) before adding Clarity and tweaking a slider or two a tiny bit. Not much correction at all.

They may not have looked at all alike when you first glanced at this image, but after a while, you see the family resemblance.

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