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12 January 2016

We took a walk to the other side of the hill today and on the way back we paused to enjoy the view eastward. In the distance was Mount Diablo rising above the mist. But some overgrowth had been trimmed back from the hill and we could see a community garden at our feet.

Alone. Reading in a garden with the world laid out before you.

What caught our eye in the garden of raised beds was a fellow sitting on a green bench reading.

We're partial to people who read.

It was clear enough to see him from where we stood. And it was clear enough to see Mount Diable 40 miles away or so.

We slipped our iPhone out and, using Obscura for our camera app, took the shot. Exposure details were f2.2 at 1/1522 second and ISO 32. The camera set everything.

When we got back to the bunker we took a look at it in Photoshop CC, which remains usable despite some problems, one of which is a segmentation fault when quitting (which Lightroom also shares).

So we leave it running. But it scrambles the image data when we wake our system from sleep and open an image. Camera Raw let us process this with no problem (we did a little Dehazing after some Clarity and lens distortion correction) but Photoshop wouldn't let us see it. So we quit (segmentation fault) and relaunched Photoshop.

We cropped the image to the 16:9 aspect ratio we favor on the site, cleaned up the image and liked what we had. But there was a problem.

The subject was too small when we reduced the image to the 500 pixel size we use. Even at 700 (or largest standard size), he was too small to make out.

So we thought we'd just use the 500 pixel shot as a thumbnail and let you look at a 1200 pixel image, even if it came from an iPhone. You'll find our reader (seen in higher resolution in our carousel thumbnail on the headlines page) the lower right corner. That at least gives you an idea what the full resolution image looks like.

Not perfect. But it's not a perfect world. Sometimes, though, it's enough to be alone in it.

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