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27 January 2016

Adobe has released Lightroom CC 2015.4, Lightroom 6.4 and ACR 9.4 to provide additional camera Raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases. The update also includes a new Boundary Warp feature for Creative Cloud members.

New camera support includes Fujifilm X70/X-E2S/X-Pro2, Leica M (Typ 262)/X-U (Typ 113), Panasonic ZS60/TZ80/TZ81/TZ85, Phase One IQ150 and Sony ILCA-68/A68. Lens profile updates are included for Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony optics.


Camera Raw 9.4, Lightroom 6.4 an Lightroom CC include the following new features:

  • Nikon 1 J4 Camera Matching Profile added
  • The panorama merging process should complete roughly twice as fast as Lightroom 6.3
  • Improved quality when applying Auto Straighten and Upright Level mode
  • Metadata is added to merged panoramas to support Photoshop's Adaptive Wide-angle filter

Lightroom 6.4 and Lightroom CC also add:

  • A preference was added to the Mac to prevent accidental speed swiping
  • You can now set the location of where photos are stored when downloaded from Lightroom mobile or Lightroom Web in the preference panel or contextually in the folder panel
  • Thumbnails update much quicker when copying and pasting settings in the grid view
  • Images load faster in the Library module when you are zoomed in and navigating images
  • Tethered support added for the Nikon D5500 and Nikon D7200


Lightroom CC and ACR 9.4 include a new Boundary Warp feature:

The new Boundary Warp feature analyzes the boundary of a panorama image and warps the image so that its edges fit a rectangular frame.

There are now three ways to fill out the irregular boundaries of a stitched panorama. Adobe explains the options:

Stitched panoramas often have non-rectangular boundaries. There are several ways to handle irregular boundaries. The most common approach is to apply a rectangular crop. This is straightforward, but important image details near the boundary may be lost due to cropping. Another approach is to use Content Aware Fill (in Photoshop) to fill in the transparent areas outside the boundary. This can be effective, but may require multiple attempts to obtain a satisfying (smooth, artifact-free) result. It can also be expensive and requires rendering out the panorama to an output-referred (non-raw) format. Boundary Warp is a feature that provides another approach to handling the irregular boundary of panoramas.


And the new DNG Converter 9.4 now supports HiDPI displays on Mac.

Camera Raw 9.4 is only available in Photoshop CC or later. Customers using older versions of Photoshop can use the DNG Converter for continued camera support.


The new versions are available via the update mechanism in Photoshop CC and the Creative Cloud application.

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