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1 February 2016

Volume 5 Number 1 of Photo Corners has just been archived with 16 Features, 28 commented news stories, 16 Editor's Notes (which included over 56 items of interest) and one site note for a total of 61 stories.

We like to think of that as our monthly publication, like the camera magazines of yore, except you get to sit in on our production throughout the month if you prefer. Or, if not, you can just sit back in your chair now and enjoy the equivalent of a Vogue-thick photo magazine.

Our readership hit new records despite a few stories less this month. Our daily averages hit 1,299 visits with 27,611 pages (or stories). Our monthly totals (which were tabulated just a few minutes ago) were 12,389 unique sites viewing 855,393 pages.

Nice numbers. But let us tell you a little story that goes beyond the numbers.

Our readership hit new records despite a few stories less this month.

We were getting ready to wrap up January on a fairly pleasant Sunday afternoon when we discovered the Luminous Grants had been awarded. We could have held the story until Monday of course, but we spent a while unraveling the award descriptions and putting up the story.

The news always comes first here. And that often means this is the first place you'll hear the news, too.

It's almost amusing. Sometimes when we monitor what other sites are doing, we see something that looks awfully familiar. Did we cover that, we wonder. Every time (not just most of the time), the answer is yes. Several days earlier sometimes.

We're aren't trying to beat anyone, frankly. We just happen to be working longer days, we suspect.

What we really sweat is publishing stories that have some legs. Like our Features, obituaries, Matinees and Reviews. We hope you sometimes dig through those indices to see what we've published a while ago. Some of these things just don't get old.

For example, something like A Checklist For Post Processing, which we published in November 2014, is still worth your time.

And there are a lot of stories like that.

Photo Corners was conceived as an encyclopedia of expertise on the art of photography with tips and techniques as well as examples of the art. The whole enchilada. Stuff you can chew on.

And from our growing readership numbers, it appears you like what's on the menu.

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