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9 February 2016

Adobe has released an ambitious update to Bridge CC, according to a blog post by Hina Naqvi, Bridge product manager.

Interestingly, Bridge 6.2 was developed by some old hands. Naqvi writes:

Bridge was brought back to be managed by Megan Donahue, director, Creative Cloud and Arno Gourdol, senior engineering director, Creative Cloud and their awesome teams. Arno is no stranger to Bridge since he has worked on several past releases. Our team has been working on several new initiatives that enhance user experience around asset management used by Creative Cloud customers. Most recent initiatives launched by this team include collaboration features in Creative Cloud as well as Creative Cloud Assets and Creative Cloud Libraries.

Among the highlights are:

  • Automated Cache Management: Cache preferences help you manage the trade-off between performance and cache size. In this update, stale cache items are automatic purged when the application is idle.
  • On-Demand Thumbnail Generation: When you select a folder, the thumbnails/previews are extracted only the on-screen assets. Thumbnails for the remaining files are either generated on demand (when you scroll down/up) or when the application is idle.
  • Import From Device: El Capitan users can now import assets via Image Capture from Android and iOS mobile devices as well as digital cameras connected via either MTP or PTP protocol.
  • Autostack Panorama/HDR: Reinstated.

"Our team is very excited to bring this release as a stepping-stone for the work we have set out for 2016!," Naqvi added.

The update is available from the blog article or via the Creative Cloud app.

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