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Rocky Nook Publishes Free 'Moving To Capture One Pro' PDF Share This on LinkedIn   Share This on Google   Tweet This   Forward This

10 February 2016

Rocky Nook has announced the publication of Moving to Capture One Pro, a free ebook written by Derrick Story. Your email address, which will be added to Rocky Nook's email list, is required for the download.

Story sympathizes particularly with abandoned Aperture users like himself. "Switching from one photo management application to another is a traumatic endeavor in a photographer's life," he writes. "It's like changing schools as a child."

The 21-page PDF covers:

  • An overview of Capture One Pro 9 and its capabilities
  • Transition strategies from Lightroom or Aperture
  • Importing methods
  • Creating test libraries and catalogs
  • A list of key image editing features

Story is especially helpful in discussing how to set up a test library. "I recommend that you should not try to move your entire Lightroom or Aperture library into Capture One Pro at one time. The results of this approach are often disastrous. Trust me, it's worse than eating school meatloaf."

The amply illustrated ebook also includes a coupon for 40 percent off Rocky Nook's full eBook Capture One Pro 9.

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