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16 March 2016

When you're a photographer, your office is the world. After posting news all morning, we biked up Twin Peaks to get a different perspective on things. This is what we saw.

Exposure was manual, the same settings we used yesterday to do some product shots on the patio at the bunker, in fact. That would be f11 at 1/500 second and ISO 200.

We went manual yesterday because we our product was black. So we took an incident light meter reading of it and set the camera accordingly. Worked great. Always does.

Post processing was done in Photoshop using Camera Raw (and a nice dose of Dehaze). We reported earlier today that Camera Raw has been updated, but our Creative Cloud application isn't aware of the update yet. It's still

Voice mail had news we've been waiting for to finish our OpticFilm 135 review. We have been working with Plustek to address several serious issues we encountered. Unfortunately, they aren't going to be resolved any time soon.

Oh well, just another day at the office.

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