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18 March 2016

When Friday afternoon comes along and the news dies down as the world spins into another weekend, we enjoy the break by coming up with another slide show. If we aren't challenged by some new project, we're revisiting an old one with new software.

The latter is the case today. These images were shot in October 2007 with a Canon PowerShot G9 we were reviewing. We were flying from Rochester, N.Y. to Philadelphia, Penn. in the back row of a turbo prop. Fall colors in full flower.

Row nine, the back of the bus on a turbo prop. The five of us sitting back there joked about it. But we had the window seat on port side of the plane. So we pulled out the G9 to shoot what we could of upstate New York, the Finger Lakes and Pennsylvania.

The captures were pretty terrible.

As Shot. The original JPEG captured by the G9.

They were washed out with atmospheric haze. Everything was a pastel. And detail was swallowed up in the high key renderings that had no shadow, no contrast.

The turbo prop flew close to the ground, which was an advantage over flying to Philadelphia in a jet. But it was bumpy and quite a few of the shots were blurred.

It's been a while since we looked at them.

But we thought we'd give them another peek with the new version of Lightroom we finally were able to download yesterday after a restart that seemed to wake up Creative Cloud. Suddenly it noticed we had updates, a day after they'd been released.

These were all JPEG captures, so they don't have a lot of headroom. But we applied our Clarity preset to them and they came to life. We added a very heavy dose of Dehaze (running from 78 to 80 units) and adjusted the Saturation (down a tiny bit) to make them real.

Clarity. Dehaze. Could not have done that in 2007, you know.

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