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18 March 2016

In a post today on the Lightroom Journal, Josh Haftel announced Technology Previews, which allow you to test drive new Lightroom on the Web functionality before it's released.

"The first Technology Preview is Search," he wrote, "which, coupled with Adobe's new image analysis technology, enables users to search through images synchronized across Lightroom for mobile, Lightroom on the Web and Lightroom desktop."

Enabling Search. Slide the dot to the right and Apply Changes.

The new Search option, only available in English at the moment, is enable from the Lr menu in the top left. Click the Technology Previews option to bring up a dialog box with an odd slider on it to enable the Search feature. Then Apply Changes to start indexing your photos. The index, which can take up to an hour to complete, makes it possible to search your images.

The Lightroom team plans to expand Search by adding image metadata searching and more to help Lightroom find a specific image precisely.

For more information visit the Lightroom Journal blog.

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