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1 April 2016

We've just archived Volume 5 Number 3 of Photo Corners with 13 Features, 34 commented news stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included over 100 items of interest), six reviews and four site notes for a total of 82 stories.

ON THE REVIEW FRONT, we're still not done reviewing the OpticFilm 135 but we've got a good excuse. The included software wasn't able to deliver usable scans on OS X so we held out for a version of VueScan that could drive the hardware. That actually took longer to negotiate than to write. But, thanks to Ed Hamrick's initiative, it's here now and that's the main thing.

Total unique sites and visits hit new highs as did average daily visits and files.

But we also delivered the most comprehensive review of Adorama's new 3Pod Orbit tripod system you'll find. We were impressed by the quality of the design and the affordable price, two things that don't often go hand-in-hand.

We've got the DNP DS-620 dye sub printer and the WPS-1 print server here for review, which we'll begin this month. And we've had the Miops remote trigger here just waiting for lightning to strike. There's also a couple of important software applications undergoing testing for review. So April will be busy on the review front, too.

WE DID BREAK some readership records in March, although it's too early to tell by how much. Total unique sites and visits hit new highs as did average daily visits and files. That's very good news.

We started publishing CPM ads in March and, at the same time, provided an ad blocker for subscribers, who remain the main support of our efforts here.

We also added an affiliate deal with Rocky Nook that means you'll never have to pay full price for one of their photography titles.

Busy, busy month.

Imagine what we could have done if we hadn't lost an hour springing forward!

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