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6 April 2016

The movable feast Off the Grid is a "roaming mobile food extravaganza -- bringing you delicious food, with free sides of music, craft and soul." We ran across them last week at Fort Mason as they were packing up and moving on.

We're going off the grid (well, the Internet) ourselves today to take in Bouquets to Art before all the oh-my's of the huge crowds wither the delicate floral creations.

But as the camera batteries charge, we thought we'd mention a few things we're working on in the bunker:

  • We've profiled the OpticFilm 135 with the latest VueScan, which adds support for IT8 calibration. Then we scanned 20 Kodak Gold 400 color negatives from 31 years ago. Wow. Plustek's QuickScan Plus failed to properly expose our scans but with VueScan's profile and emulsion profiles, we're getting some excellent results at last.
  • We've been playing with a 200-GB Lexar microSDXC I card here for review. At first we couldn't get it to work with our Kensington microSD adapter, even though a microSD HC I card mounted. The trick was to move the Lock switch down to the unlocked position to mount the empty card. The card with data was readable when the adapter was locked, of course.
  • The DNP DS-620 has been churning out test prints. Once again we set up a watched folder to drop JPEGs into for immediate printing (and it works with the OS X driver). But, funny thing, the DNP Install CD has a Mac folder with nothing in it, so we had to download the driver from the DNP site. It works from Lightroom, we found, but not Photoshop (giving a media size error). Meanwhile the WPS Print app works with the WPS-1 Print Server to send images from your Android or iOS phone to the DS620. But can you have both wireless and cabled connections? Suffice to say we've got some work to do there.
  • The Miops trigger, on the other hand, is well behaved. Once you figure out how to mount it.

As you can see, we haven't lost a step. We can still quickly find a way to screw things up with any product. Fortunately, most of the time, we always figure out a fix, too.

But today we're going off the grid to smell the flowers.

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