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18 April 2016

Walking by the local frame shop the other day, we caught this encouragement. The blackboard on the sign claims, "Everyone Has Something To Frame." There's one on the other side of the sign, too, but it was in white chalk and indistinct.

The problem, of course, is having some place to put another frame. Wall space is likely occupied. Shelf space is probably over-crowded. And while we hate to admit it, the top of the piano looks like the bleachers.

This was just a quick shot but we did make sure to get the interior of the store and that welcoming doorway. We used the Upright tool in Adobe Camera Raw to line up those verticals receding down the sidewalk. It never hurts.

It didn't hurt that it was an overcast day, either. So there aren't any areas lit by the bright sun to contend with. All we had to do was crank up the Clarity to chisel the detail into the image.

Still, we're not framing this one. It's just a reminder to enjoy your work.

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