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25 April 2016

We never know what the week will bring. But we know it starts with a Monday. That thought can feel like a crushing weight when you're working all week.

But not all Mondays are the same.

We made our way to the espresso machine this morning just as the school kids were rolling their rollers and packing their backpacks up the hill before the eight o'clock bell tolled their fate. But today we looked upward, into the sky, instead of down at the sidewalk.

And there, nearly full, the moon was making its descent over the ocean. Or, as the astronomers would put it, the earth was rolling away from the moon in its orbit. Depends on your perspective.

We watched it move much more slowly than the sun as we woke up with our morning coffee. Then we dashed into action, tumbling down to the bunker to grab the Orbit tripod and the Nikon D300 with a polarizer on its 18-200mm Nikkor.

We set up the shot and made a couple of exposures before tearing everything down as the church bells up the hill by the school finished marking the hour.

This might have called for a lot of image manipulation (and we tried a few things) but we just kept pulling up Photoshop's History panel and going back to what we'd rendered in Camera Raw.

The moon was subtle but clear enough in the blue sky. The ocean with its marine layer of fog sitting over it like a blanket still showed some white caps even at our 500 pixel reduction.

The big change was the crop. We turned our horizontal shot into a vertical to make a pointed reference to the moon in the sky.

And then we got back to work on a few reviews we hope to finish this week. Stay tuned!

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