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30 April 2016

Phase One has announced several free webinars in May and into June covering the features of Capture One Pro 9.1, its image editing software.

  • Five Images, Five Processes -- The goal is to take five different images and take in as much of Capture One Pro's processing tools as possible.
  • A Beginners Guide to Local Adjustments -- Learn the basics of creating Masks and managing Layers; use Flow and Opacity for easy dodging and burning; combine Local Adjustments with Color Edits; transform Color Selections into Masks.
  • Optimizing Tethered Capture -- Learn how to reliably connect your camera and manage large shoots, cull and export with ease.
  • Preparing Images for Print -- Capture One Pro's Print module sizes and outputs your images while its process recipes can also help prepare images to send to external printers. In this webinar both methods are examined.

See the links for more details and to register. Registration is required for each webinar and virtual seating is limited.

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