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9 May 2016

It's an impossible task. Whatever we buy Mom for Mother's Day never quite expresses what she means to us. We've tried for years and years but always come up a little short -- even though she's always delighted with whatever we did.

A Treat. Shot with an iPhone 6 Plus and edited in Photoshop CC's Camera Raw filter.

Doing something nice for her comes closer but it's the same problem. We take her to brunch, say, and even include half the family. But what, after all, is a couple of hours compared to a lifetime of mothering?

Fortunately Moms are easy to please.

You just have to make the effort. Some flowers, a little gift wrapped in brightly-colored paper, a card you made yourself, that brunch, even just a phone call.

It seems like anything is enough -- if it comes from you.

Yesterday we served Mom a chocolate cup of mousse for dessert with a big red plastic heart ring that did not, fortunately, have to be resized.

She was, once again, delighted. But it really didn't express how we felt. The mousse would have to have kept coming out of the cup, day after day and year after year, to come close.

But, as it was, it did make a nice treat.

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