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20 May 2016

VSCO has announced "a special collaboration at Apple Union Square in San Francisco" to present "a series featuring influential artists and creatives that take you into their stories and their craft."

From May 26 until July 7, Apple Union Square will host four Creative Sessions, each led by an established photographer from the VSCO community, the company announced on its site. "Each photographer will share their story, inspiration, and creative process and will lead a hands-on lesson based on their unique style and techniques."

Session details follow:

  • May 26: Portraits That Tell Stories features lawyer-turned-photographer Benjamin Heath who will share "his unique take on capturing the hidden moments happening around us. With a passion for portraits and the stories they tell, Ben's session will focus on how to create portraiture that reveals something about who the subject is." Completely Booked.
  • June 9: Shooting for Authentic with Khristopher 'Squint' Sandifer features Bay Area documentary photographer Khristopher 'Squint' Sandifer who "will focus on how to create a compelling portrait by getting to know the real story behind your subject." Register.
  • June 23: From Ordinary to Artful with Olga Montserrat features San Francisco-based art director Olga Montserrat who will share her perspective on style and shooting for the trifecta: beautiful composition, color and humor. "Olga's session will lead you through a fun, hands-on portrait session with various backdrops, props and lighting." Register.
  • July 7: Capturing Quiet Moments with Nirav Patel features San Francisco-based editorial photographer Nirav Patel who will focus on "how to isolate beautiful moments using light, exposure, lines and symmetry." Register.

For more information see the VSCO announcement.

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