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2 June 2016

This NBA post season has already been a record-setting eye-opener. We couldn't think of a better way to welcome the Finals, which begin tonight in Oakland, than with a head-to-head edit of our photo of Two-Ball Total Equilibrium Tank by Jeff Koons?

Koon's sculpture can be found on the seventh floor at SFMOMA, which is where we photographed it on our recent tour. Just for fun we even found a little photo essay showing its installation.

The balls are suspended in a tank full of water, which prompted the poster to wonder if Jeff Koons himself isn't a "long-lost Splash Brother." Steph Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors are the Splash Brothers, famous for their three-point shots that hit nothing but net.

To welcome the start of the NBA Finals, we thought we'd hold a little finals contest of our own, processing our Raw DNG file in both Photoshop CC and OpticsPro 11, which was just released yesterday.

We made the same edits in each program. We cropped the image, set the white balance, increased the exposure and increased microcontrast. In OpticsPro, we tried the new spot-weighted Smart Lighting option to mark the basketballs for protection. That worked well.

Let us know which version you prefer in the poll below:

Photoshop v. OpticsPro Poll

Which of the edits illustrated above do you prefer?

Adobe Photoshop CC
DxO OpticsPro 11

NB: Results will be displayed after you vote.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and to the Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors. They're both champions already, which should make for a very entertaining NBA Finals.

May the best team win!

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