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2 June 2016

You don't always get a glimpse of what's under the street. Sure, a 100-year-old water main breaks and you the sink hole shows you a little infrastructure. But building a subway tunnel sometimes requires an archeological dig.

So we took a few shots of Stockton St., which is closed for construction between Market and Geary on our way to visit the new Apple Store last weekend.

This was our last shot.

We couldn't position ourselves both at right angles to avoid some unpleasant geometry with the building and at an angle that would center the manikin in the construction window. But we knew we could compensate later with the Upright tool in Photoshop CC.

Not that the Upright tool is automatic. We let it try but the angles confused it. So we manually made the tilts and shifts we needed to square things up. The comparison above shows what a difference that made.

Nobody was working but the manikin. And even she seemed to be on a break.

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