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7 June 2016

It's election day in San Francisco. The fog is as heavy as rain, the streets wet with the drizzle. We left the house early, marched up the steep hill to our polling place, our heart pounding, and wondered if it was chosen so only the fittest would arrive in shape to mark a ballot.

If you do survive the trek, mark your ballot and run it through the scanner, a nice poll worker gives you a medal. Well, not a medal actually, but a sticker.

We've never quite figured out what to do with the sticker. We could wear it around the bunker for the spiders and other resident insects to admire. But that wouldn't take anyone's breath away.

Well, we thought, we could take a photo of it with our iPhone 6 Plus, edit it in Photoshop CC using the Camera Raw filter and put it up here to celebrate the occasion.

Because, as occasions go, casting a ballot on Election Day always makes our heart beat faster.

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