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1 July 2016

The place that services our 49-year-old Rumbalino is in the sunny part of town. The proprietor, who retired yesterday after emailing us it was his last month, can often been seen grilling sausages in the sun on the sidewalk for lunch.

At Lunch. The Garage.

We were in there earlier today to check on a part. It's easier to bid on a horn for a unicorn on eBay than to find Rumbalino parts. We've had private detectives hitting the local flea markets and even gone so far as to bribe a librarian at the Vatican Library. No luck.

It was quiet when we were there. Everyone had retreated to the office for lunch. So we wandered around the service bays and took a few shots of some of the vehicles there for service.

You never know what you'll find.

Once we found an Aston Marton that had starred in a James Bond movie. It was the only Aston Martin Bond ever owned, we learned. We've seen several antique Rolls Royces up on the lift, getting a rare look at the underbellies of those handmade wonders. And there always seems to be a Testarossa and at least one original Fiat 500. Not to mention all the other contraptions Italians have squeezed a motor into.

Today's selection was more familiar after we got over the Fiat Giannini propped up under a skylight.

In one corner of the shop we found a few scooters collecting dust in front of a couple of Webers (not the carburators but the grills) and some stainless steel gas grills.

The white Thunderbird with the red interior looked like it would still be great fun. And the Dino Ferrari even more so. Imagine putting the Dino's muscle in the T-Bird's body.

One Alfa Romeo coupe on a lift looked pedestrian enough but the proprietor told us it was worth $60K to $70K. And that was probably today's bargain.

The VW bug studded with lights must have a story to tell but our stomach started growling like a Lamborghini so we put the camera away and went home to make lunch.

Rigatoni with an olive and caper sauce finished off with a bright glass of wine, in fact. Found all the parts in the kitchen, too.

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